Wine Road

The Wine’s Road, known in Romanian as “Drumul Vinului”, is a 60 Km route which covers a part of an old road used in antiquity by merchants from Roman Empire in their travels through Europe.

The Wine Road is located in Prahova county, Romania, and goes through the following villages and small towns: Filipeştii de Târg, Băicoi, Boldeşti, Bucov, Pleaşa, Valea Călugărească, Iordăcheanu, Urlaţi, Ceptura, Fântânele, Tohani, Gura Vadului, Călugăreni, all which are satellites to Ploiesti city, the county capital.

The Wine Road is full of vineyards, beautiful and calm scenery, serene mood and a sense of peace. I live in one of the small towns which are on this route, so I have the opportunity to document in my travels or hiking session the personality and the beauty of this road.

I started this project because the area is quite underrated as a touristic location, its beauty is not noticed as it should be. Also, its proximity near my hometown makes it accessible.

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